St. Louis trades for Nolan Arenado

He will really help the Cardinals who were among the worst offensive teams in the National League. He is a heckuva player on offense and defense, even though he is not the player he once was. Congratulations to the Cardinals for, at least, trying to get better. Many teams like the Cubs and several others have given up due to the economies of Covid.

This move in signing Arenado may force the Cubs to spend some of that Ricketts fortune to try to improve.

Arenado is probably my favorite fielder in the game right now. If he’s lost a step defensively, it’s not by much.

Their corner infielders are insane. Gonna be fun to watch.

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The Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer today, adding the NL Cy Young winner to an already impressive staff. The Dodgers look like the 1960’s Yankees…unbeatable.

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