St Johns vs Nebraska

Mike’s picked up 2 really good players in the Portal. Curbelo and Soriano (from Fordham). Soriano has 18 boards and 16 points and Curbelo with 7 assists.

St Johns just beat Hoiberg’s Nebraska team by 20, after scoring 50 in the 2nd half. Both teams were undefeated coming into this game.

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They stunk the place up in the first half and then played really well in the 2nd. I never liked Curbelo when he was at Illinois but he fits in well with Mike at St. Johns

Soriano was picked up the year before. Key transfers this year are Curbello from Illinois and David Jones from DePaul.

Soriano has dropped some weight and plays completely different.

ASU just beat the breaks off of Michigan. good for Bobby Hurley,

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I like that too.

Jones was their best transfer pick up this year and is the best player on the team, well top scorer anyways. Soriano is right up there too. One of the best big men in the country. He also got the best freshman recruit this year since he’s been there, espn top 50 player AJ Storr. The fact he is coming off the bench shows just how much talent they have this year. They should make some noise in the big east and go to the big Dsnce for the first time since Mike has been there. I would like to go to a game in MSG. I think I might this year since I’m not too far away and I expect them to be competitive against everyone in the big east

However, SJU is picked 6th or 7th in the Big East.