St. John's offers

2023 PG Layden Blocker of LR Christian.

Also has offers from TCU, Southern Miss, Tulane, Oral Robert and others.

Auburn also offers.

It is as if Mike Anderson made a conscious effort not to recruit Arkansas kids from class of 2020 and 2021, to avoid any appearance of trying to steal recruits away from Arkansas. Because it seems he is offering every top Arkansas kid from class of 2022 forward that he had established relationships with before he left Arkansas. Given that Williamson, Warren, Ware and now Blocker all have offers from SJU.

St John’s also offered Creed Williamson.

Tell me about it

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Nice. You got a late night laugh out of me with that one. He saved a lot of recruiting travel dollars for us, didn’t he? As if he thought coronavirus started a decade before it actually did. LOL.

Coach Anderson stayed in contact with all five of the 2020 kids after he went to St. John’s, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

No 2021s to really come after.

Appears to be on the 2022 kids

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