St. John's loses to Marquette in OT

In the Big East tournament. I mention this because some believe Mike Anderson has run out of time and SJU is about to nudge him out the door. SJU finished 18-15 and is not thought to be an NIT contender either.

Sorry to hear that about Mike Anderson’s team. As with most Hog fans, had hoped he would find better success at SJU. The local fans & press there are restless & ready for a change.

CMA is a class act! The discipline and rules he enforces aren’t in line with todays youth! The portal makes it too easy for players to just leave.
He will find another job if they let him go.
I sure wish he could have won there.

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Maybe Bama could hire him to teach Oats and crew class and accountability. But they have no use for either.

CMA is 63 & will likely get a $10M buyout so he may decide to retire & enjoy life. His teams struggled at Misery, UofA, & now at SJU so opportunities may be limited. Already being reported by some that he is out at SJU. Whatever he chooses, wish him the best.


I would not say that he struggled at Mizzou. He did very well there, and they have not won an NCAA tournament game since he left.


Disappointing season.

He didn’t struggle at UAB or UA either. He consistently fielded good teams. His lack of success in the NCAA Tournament cost him his job at UA.

Of course, Sports Analyst John Brummett informed his readers that MA’s move from UA to St John’s was a promotion.


John Brummett knows about as much about sports as I know about Lithuanian literature.


Any reason why you picked Lithuanian literature? Lithuanian literature has a very long history. It was written in Latin back in the Middle Ages. Or did you pick Lithuanian because they have a history of very good basketball teams. By the way, I am Lithuanian!!

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No I meant it seriously because I know nothing about it. That’s just about my ignorance of it.

Like Brummett’s ignorance of sports


Because it’s alliterative! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most fans, including Arkansas & HY, would disagree. Game day performance & recruiting struggled at MO, UofA, & SJU & with little signs of improvement. Not much success when ranked at the end of only 3 of 21 seasons.

Mike got fired for not getting to the Sweet 16, essentially. What would have happened if the refs don’t swallow their whistles for the last four minutes against UNC in 2017? We’ll never know, and that Heel team went on to win the natty.

Who was ultimately responsible for our weak tournament performance including failure to reach the Sweet 16 & ending the season unranked 6 out of 7 yrs? The postings here & elsewhere were indicative of the growing fan frustration about game day coaching, lackluster performance, & weak recruiting well prior to the tournaments - while at Arkansas & elsewhere.

Oh sure, the buck stopped with Mike, and that’s why HY sent him packing. But there are schools where a 2-3 NCAA record in 8 years would be an improvement.

I never saw recruiting as a problem for Mike. Quite a few guys he recruited are still playing for pay. Making the most of that talent, another issue.

I think Mike is a class act. Sometimes his coaching is suspect but I would still consider him a very good division 1 coach. I don’t think he has ever had a losing season but that may be due more to scheduling than coaching. As for as his success prior to Arkansas, I thought he was very successful at UAB and Missouri. In fact I thought the Missouri team he left to come to Arkansas was one of his best. In fact I thought he was crazy to leave that team to come to Arkansas. Probably something he and I have in common now.

There was specific discussion here about top players in Arkansas who stated that they did not come to UofA because of Mike’s lack of effort to recruit them. Seems that “lack of effort” was a common complaint.

Misery fans had similar discussion, specifically recruiting had declined in later years & the program under Mike had plateaued & unable to reach the next level under his leadership. Misery alums here believed that the writing was on the wall & that he bailed before fans forced their AD’s hand.

I agree para. Good, not great like Sutton, NR, and Muss. Much better than the rest we’ve had.

He’s probably the nicest if all them.

I hope he retires in Arkansas.