St. John's fires Mike Anderson

Reportedly going after Slick Rick Pitino.

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He got Arkansas to 3 NCAA tournaments in his last 5 years. Plus UAB and Missouri to another 3. That was the justification for SJU hiring him. He was not able to do that at SJU in 4 years. His recruiting git better every year at SJU, but lack of multiple shooter/scorer hurt him. He always had one, but nit mire than one, SJU had no other option to turn the page. SJU fans are pushing for Pitino, who has served his time long enough at Iona.

Mike now has two options. Retire or step down to a mid-major. He is not appealing to P6 anymore.

I wonder if he would have any interest in the Little Rock job?

Great question. I am going to suggest that to UALR AD, who I know.

Does UALR have an opening?

Mizzou hasn’t won a tourney game since he left. They’ll have a chance to this year but it wouldn’t shock me if they’re one-and-done.

No. I believe Darrell will be back at least another year.

Mike got a taste of Big Apple. I would be glad to be done with that mess. I’ve been there two times. That was one too many.


Grew up on a dairy farm in western New York. Went to the city in 74. Never been back

I get it.

Maybe ASU…

I saw a Razorback logo on a SUV in the Bronx once. That’s about the only good thing I can say about NYC….

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I used to get my salsa from there. Until I wised up.


It is very toxic currently at UALR. AD is bean counter who knows nothing about sports more or less and new chancellor could care less about sports. Neither though has enough to send Walker on his way.

Now you don’t like NYC? What’s wrong, lousy fly fishing :joy:?

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I went to the restroom at one of our warehouses in Queens and the toilet paper was on an iron pipe with a padlock on it. They said it’s the only way they can keep it from being stolen…

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I enjoyed the view at 20,000 feet on way back from Rutgers. The Stephens pilots gave us a great look after take off that night. Gorgeous sky line at night.

And I went to Louis Armstrong’s former house in Queens and it was a modest place, in a real neighborhood, very homey, very different from Manhattan. But I don’t doubt at all that your experience in one part of Queens was just as real as my experience in another.

My father was from Brooklyn, my Mom from Pine Bluff. I love going to NYC and have ever since we visited my grandparents in Brooklyn as a kid. But when I asked my parents why the heck we ever moved from there to Pine Bluff, they said NYC was a great place to visit but Arkansas was a better place to have a home and raise kids.

I :heart: NY!! It’s not that bad.

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The classic “It’s a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there “ is me with NYC.

I enjoy visiting once every few years. I love Broadway plays (for the most part, walked out on one once). Enjoy the sights. But once every 4 or 5 years is good for me.