St Johns basketball game - on FS2 TV Sat 3:00 CT

Just FYI if anyone is interested. Please no snarky posts. I’m totally happy with our new basketball coach. I am, however, curious to see how Mike has his new team playing. I will be glued to the Bama/LSU game at that time, but I’m going to DVR the St Johns game and watch it later.

Yeah, I agree, want to see how they do this year. I really hope Mike succeeds, really had hoped it worked out for him here.

Yeah, I think this is going to be one of those rare times that a coaching change will be great for both the school and the departing coach. I want only the best for Mike. He was, after all a big part in our greatest 6 year run ever in basketball, including a National championship.

I expect to see Mike’s results mirror his tenures at UAB and MO. He could be competing for Big East championships in a few years. I also believe we will have an opportunity to take a step forward in these next 2 or 3 years and compete for SEC and National championships. A true win-win for both.

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I’m like you guys I want the best for Mike and the very best for Muss. I’m a Hog fan first!

Ran into him this week in NYC, very nice and stopped and took a picture.

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That seems a little over the top. Vermont seems to win about 25-30 games most years. I could make an argument it is a better program than St. John’s.

What a stupid tweet. That why I am not on twitter.

Are you saying SJ didn’t pay Vermont for that game?

They’ve been playing good basketball up there for years. I doubt seriously that they drove down to the city just to get a paycheck.

I have no clue. But that wasn’t a bad loss by any means, which is what the tweeter insinuates.

But is it inaccurate? I suspect they did pay Vermont.

Why go back and pick out an 8 day old thread to put that tweet on today? Half the thread makes no sense when you throw that tweet from today on it.

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That would not be correct Matt. That’s a huge win for Vermont per their coach. It’s 1st victory over a Big East opponent since 2009 (Rutgers).

Vermont has been pretty solid the last few years. Don’t judge that loss by ST Johns in a negative way. I guess there will always be folks that don’t watch or follow sports enough to realize the real truth just like the author of the article!

Watched 1st half. Looked like an anderson coached team. Like watching us last 7 years on both ends of the court. They will have some big wins but will also lose some they should have won

Vermont is #75 in Pomeroy and was ranked a bit higher than St. John’s before the game. It was supposed to be a close game.

They will have some big wins but will also lose some they should have won You can say that about every school. Kentucky has already done it.

There is a belief among some fans that whatever they perceive as a negative that happened in the Anderson era is not going to happen anymore. Kind of like if we get behind and rally, we will no longer come back and tie the game and then lose it, like St. John’s did yesterday,

Just saying the last two coaches at Arkansas that stated we concern ourselves about what we do are not coaching at Arkansas anymore