St Johns at BC now on ESPNU

Mike had a 20 point lead, but BC on a 12-0 run 10 minutes left.

Edit: it looks like they are in a pre season tourney at the Mohegan Sun.

St John’s won the game 97-93. Now 3-0. They play BYU tomorrow and start Big East play on the 14th.

Play BYU tomorrow, huh? Should be a pretty good game.

Looks like SJU cancelled its game with Texas Tech. Probably a good idea.

The BYU game Wed is the final game of the Mohegan Sun tournament they are in. I believe they got a last minute invitation to the tourney. That’s why they cancelled the TT road game, which originally was scheduled for the day after the tourney ended. Also, I believe the TT game would have left them one more game than allowed this Covid year, since they picked up 2 games in the tourney.

Official announcement says SJ canceled TT game because of steep COVID spikes in Lubbock area.

Good call. Everyone knows you can’t get decent salsa or Covid spikes in New Yawk City.

Actually New York has done a lot better job of controlling virus than Texas has. And you know the reasons for that.


BYU beat SJU 74-68 today.

Tough loss. Turned BYU over pretty well (19 TO). SJU only shot 19% from 3-pt line. That was the ballgame basically. BYU looks like a real solid team out in the WCC.

As of today. NY 176 deaths per 100,000 people.
Texas 77 per 100,000.

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That’s cherrypicking the numbers and you know it. NYC in particular was really clobbered in March and April when the doctors knew much less about how to treat this thing and deaths were high as a result. That’s why Gov. Cuomo’s daily briefing became must-see TV for a while (even Fox and OAN carried it).

But new cases per the CDC in the last seven days: New York state and city, 50,000; Texas 69,000. Neither one of which is good. Arkansas had 11,000 cases in the same period. That ain’t good either.

One of the things that was done to limit the spread in places like NYC is encourage outdoor dining in restaurants in the spring and summer. It’s December now. Even here in NC I wouldn’t want to eat outside right now; it’s 31 degrees here this morning (actually five degrees above that in NYC). But not a good day to have lunch outside either place.

Speaking of cherry picking.Funny how you failed to mention Guvnuh Cuomo and his nursing home disaster.

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Cuomo a must-see… that explains a lot. Let’s don’t pull up that death rate thing, cherry- picking at its best. 10,000 closed restaurants in NYC alone and counting… hell of a Cuomo legacy that grows daily along with the NY deaths from Covid.

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Can we talk about basketball. . . don’t come here for politics of any kind. Someone lock this thread before it gets ugly please. . . . .


Nursing homes are a disaster everywhere. They’re an incubator of infection, which is why my study is completely focused on them. They’re bad in blue states, they’re bad in red states, they’re bad in purple states.

Politics aside, I don’t understand why anyone would buy salsa from New Yawk City. Go Johnny Storm!


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As a native New Yawkah who married into a southern family, I hear this at least 4-5 times a year from my in-laws.

And I still laugh at it.


Same old political rubbish from the same voice. Either no administrator has viewed this thread or there is inconsistent application of board rules.

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I might be a glutton for punishment, but I rather enjoy the times this board gets political. These are strange times we are now living in, and I don’t think you can easily distinguish between sports and politics anymore.