St john enters (and then exits) the transfer portal

I saw elsewhere we’re Jalen St John is now going to enter the portal… Not really surprised but I hate to see him go… that’s a four-star player who never got on track play. That’s a big loss because I thought he would have a good chance at starting at LT… I saw Sam saying good things about Crawford in Dudley’s article maybe that opens up a chance for him to move over there.

remind me when Crawford and the other guy came to campus?

Crawford transferred in from Charlotte last year St John was a four-star recruit two years ago

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He was next in line at LT, but he needed to drop weight. He may want to play for Brad Davis at LSU. Anyway wish him well.

St. John is not a left tackle. Lacks speed. I believe he’s a guard. I think Crawford has quicker feet. But he may be a guard, too.

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St John was indeed being looked at OG but started out at OT I just thought Sam wanted more size inside but he never played so hard to figure him out.,Crawford was at RT last practice clip I saw but we are losing Cunningham so we will see who they look at now at LT…might be looking to Portal for one but Chamblee and Kutas are good looking Recruits we are bringing in so they may get a look.

Clay is Devon Manuel that LT?

I am not sure that Manuel is a left tackle or not. I will be at practice tomorrow and will get a better feel.

I think Manuel is # 65…He was at RT in the practice clip I saw.He’s a big boy will be interesting to see if Sam moves him inside.

Well since your going to be at practice… let me know what you think about J Stewart and Eric Thomas as that rush end…. Oh and how fast are AJ Green, and D Warren looking, those two , esp D Warren on those screens, are how I think we beat PSU!

I will prob have to pick between O and D. The viewing session won’t be long.

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I was under the impression they were grooming Kutas for center spot but what do I know.

I haven’t heard that but he is athletic enough to do that if we decided to try him there. I think I heard Eli Henderson was probably going to be looked at center too so we will see come spring training

Kutas will definitely get some time at center. But so will others. I think Sam wants 4-6 guys who can snap. That way you always have center depth. Versatility is good in O-line.


Just read St. John has withdrawn his name from the Transfer Portal.


Took his name out of the portal after talking with Coach Pittman. Might be wise for all of us to withhold our opinions until we know all the factors. Obviously Pittman sees potential for the young man based on their conversation he’s withdrawn his name from the portal.

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ok that is good to hear bc I think he can help us next yr

Eli Henderson is the one that has been playing center for two years in high school and was recruited and destined for that spot.

Arkansas and his high school coach believe Patrick Kutas can play center, guard and tackle with the latter being after he fills out more.

Exactly Dudley…Kutas is a big time player and can help us very quickly IMO,hopefully Henderson can too

Kutas has potential, but important to note that he has played on the OL just one year.

Henderson has played there four years.