St John Entering the portal

This guy has been the biggest dissapointment of all,never has even come close to starting as big as he is…good luck to him

Biggest disappointment is being suspended for an arrest warrant.

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true,forgot about thatt

He was the false start guy on the fake punt that would have been big yards in a game late in the year.

I wish him the best,big kid and appeared to move well just couldn’t crack the lineup…Change of scenery may be what he needs

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Yes, particularly for larceny! See ya!

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What he is accused of is pretty bad. If true, it shows a lack of character. I’m fine with him leaving.

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Innocent until proven guilty, but if coaches don’t show some caution - an indefinite suspension in this case - then the entire program suffers. I hope his situation is resolved without significant damage to his future, and he lands on his feet somewhere to play ball…but not against UA.

That’s the standard for conviction of a crime. However, when the evidence is as strong as it appears in this case, I have no problem at all with an indefinite suspension. Obviously there was a rush to judgment in the Slusher-Brown case, but here the evidence presented to justify the arrest warrant is strong.

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