Spring Practice


If the UA is able to execute as desired and open the campus on 01 July with a Fall football season, will there be any time allotted for their missed Spring practice?


Assuming the season is able to begin as scheduled, I think what is most likely to happen is that there will be some additional days built into the calendar for classroom-type instruction. I do not think you’ll see players in pads more in the preseason. Those 15 practices are probably lost.

If that’s what happens the schools that were able to get in some spring practice have a pretty good advantage over those that had none.

Of coarse nothing is fair about all of this but that stinks…

Which of our future opponents got in a full spring practice?

Not sure anybody got in all 15. Ohio State had had three practices before the lockdown. So had USCw. Kent State got in five.

If they don’t start in mid-july, I think they may let you start doing two-a-days again in August

We don’t play Kent St this year, so there 5 practices won’t help them against us in the future.

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These are the number of spring practices each of Arkansas’ opponents had this year (and it’s worth noting the first three practices are non-contact):

Nevada: 0

Notre Dame: 0

Mississippi State: 0

Texas A&M: 0

Charleston Southern: 0

Alabama: 0

LSU: 3

Tennessee: 2

Auburn: 0

Ole Miss: 0

ULM: 5

Missouri: 3

Two-a-days were banned a few years ago. I don’t see those coming back.

They probably won’t but I have heard it talked about if we can’t start in July.

I don’t see the NCAA swinging back on the two-a-days because of their concern for health these days.

Solid research there

Basically after the first month of the season, assuming there is a season, spring practices or lack of same won’t matter

Aloha Matt,

Thank-you very much for taking the time and effort with your research on this matter.


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Right now I still bet there will be no college football this fall. If there is, it’ll probably be a shortened season that starts in late September or maybe early October. I know there has been talk about spring football.I guess that is still an option.

I appreciate that Matt I was just passing on the info I heard them talkin about on the radio

The coaches themselves backed away from two a days in favor of walk through.

The tough part of two a days is dehydration. The rules make it where a player has to sit out a few days after dehydration issues. Coaches don’t want missed days. So they just quit having them, then Ncaa eliminated them.

I do not believe they will ever return.

My My how times have changed, dehydration never was a worry back in the day, where we had to 2 a day practice
s for 2 weeks, 3 hours each practice, with a sip of water every now and then :slightly_smiling_face: amazingly this little Rollie pollie managed to make it through every one of them :joy::joy:…
I never heard about anybody dying of heat exhaustion back in those days, but then again we were outside playing/Working 12 hours a day in the hot sun all summer so we were used to it I guess.

2 a days with that stuff to drink called accupucki or something like that with salt & maybe electrolytes but I’m not sure what was in it. Got it 2 times a practice.
Everybody sucking on the 5-6 tubes from the big drum it was in,
Then along came Gatorade my Jr or Sr year.

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1968 - During two a days in August while doing wind sprints at the end of practice, my eye sight went black. I literally could not see anything for about 30 seconds. I think it scared the coach more than me because he ended it right then. I was always one of the leaders in the wind sprints so I think he knew I was not faking it when I told him. I had worked all summer in south Arkansas doing hot tar roofing so I was well acclimated to the heat. We all shared a one gallon bucket of hot water once midway thru practice. No wimps in our bunch.