Spring practice?

so…will the 15 practices that were supposed to be part of spring training be allowed during the summer prior to the start of fall camp or will they just be lost?and those schools who had conducted some portion of their spring only be allowed the practices left?(say a team had completed 7 practices…they would have 8 to be decided as opposed to a team that did not get into their spring)I realize that this stuff hasn’t been discussed yet but was wondering

Seems to be the million question(s) without an answer from the NCAA yet. Not surprising but I would think conference commissioners along with AD’s-HC’s are stating their cases somewhere behind closed doors.


  1. Early Summer (May - June)
  2. Summer break (July)
  3. Fall practice with the Freshman (August)

No one knows. And anything anyone thinks could happen may change in another month.

Fluid is the word for the word of March. Things change by the hour.

From this morning on Greg Sankey’s teleconference:

Greg Sankey: "I'm not going to be overly optimistic about the opportunity to conduct spring practice." Says the window is "narrow" to get it done.

— Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs) March 18, 2020

Do we know how many SEC teams got spring ball in? All or part of it.

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