Spring Practice

When is it? Any details on the spring game schedule? Will any practices be open to the public? Am I jumping the gun? This is the most anticipated spring practice in years.

No details have been announced.

Would you expect (guess) the date(s) to be moved back?

I honestly don’t know. It is at the preference of the head coach. Morris liked to have his spring practices a little earlier, which resulted in spring games in early April. Bielema and Petrino preferred later starts and spring games in late April. Because Pittman hasn’t been a head coach before there is no way to make an educated guess on what his preference is.

Morris had the spring game penciled in for April 18. Not sure what Pittman will do.

Will the spring game be in LR? (Is that a recurring game?)

It will be in Little Rock, pending approval of a waiver by the SEC. The waiver is probably just a formality, but the request for one had not been sent as of the time the Razorbacks played Missouri last month.

Thought there was some criticism about Morris dates and expected it to be later this year but
yeah whatta I know! :sunglasses:

As one of the few that attended the last spring game in LR, I hope it’s warmer.

Not to mention better coached…