Spring Practice?

When is it?
Will it be open to the public at times?
What players will come back or miss spring?

All of that is to be determined.

The team meeting was Monday night. What is the general schedule over the next few weeks as far as the team?

They can not work out as a team for a week per NCAA rules.

So they are going to class and doing the student part of the student-athlete thing.

Trumain Carroll mentioned they would have a seven-week winter conditioning program that will obviously be different than the one put forth by Ben Herbert.

While it will still have strength as a core ingredient, speed and flexibility are going to be bigger factors than before

Next week is going to be an evaluation period with all of the drills done at the NFL combine. Then, they will begin to build a plan for each player. Trumain also said he wanted to go over a history of injuries with each player in a sit-down with trainer Matt Summers.

Excellent idea. We don’t need the new S&C guy accidentally aggravating an old injury, plus they can also tweak individual programs to strengthen weak areas/joints/etc. that have been injured in the past. I would hope that Herbert did something similar, and whoever BP’s S&C coach was, but don’t remember this being mentioned if they did.