Spring practice - Day 4 observations

  • Before practice began I visited the Fred Smith Center, and as I was leaving, I ran into Scoota Harris. He had a boot on his right foot. He’s expected to have surgery tomorrow. I’m not sure it was ever made clear which foot was bothering Harris, but it’s in fact his right.

  • Guys who did not take part in practice today: Dorian Gerald, Briston Guidry, Gio LaFrance, Britto Tutt and Noah Gatlin. When asked about Gatlin and Gerald on Tuesday, Chad Morris said the two should be back at practice Thursday. Gatlin was sick Tuesday and Gerald missed with what Morris descried as an infection. Gerald, I believe, was on a stationary bike in a yellow jersey.

  • Arkansas’ linebackers at today’s practice: Bumper Pool, Grant Morgan, Andrew Parker, Asa Shearin, Reid Bacon, John Miscoll and McKinley Williams. Deon Edwards was dressed out today but I did not see him with the group. We’ll get to talk with Parker tonight and see how he’s progressing. He’s always been a guy who, in my mind, has all the physical tools, but hasn’t put it together yet. This spring is a chance for him to prove himself with Scoota and Hayden Henry down.

  • Morris has been very complimentary already this spring of defensive linemen Eric Gregory and Mataio Soli. Soli just looks like he can really go, and I’m eager to see him in live work Saturday - which Morris called “a big, big scrimmage day.” I talked with both of their coaches a few weeks back for the HI recruiting edition and Soli’s said he expects to see him playing on Sundays in 3-4 years. Pretty high praise. He’s got the tall, somewhat-slender look to him, almost like a Randy Ramsey, and could be dangerous off the edge.

  • Former players at practice: Dre Greenlaw was in attendance for the second straight open practice, as was Armon Watts and Michael Taylor. Stephen Jones, VP of the Dallas Cowboys, stopped by, too.

  • We’re talking with players at 6:30 tonight. From what I was told, we’re getting Sosa Agim, C.J. O’Grady, Shane Clenin, Andrew Parker and Connor Noland. We’ll have video later on.

In talking with Chad Morris yesterday at the Baxter County Razorback Club, I mentioned Andrew Parker and he said he’s a guy who is going to get every opportunity this spring. He said ability wise, he’s got tools, but is still figuring out things. Missing most of the fall with the hamstring injury was detrimental to development, but there should be a lot of catch-up for him in the spring. This is me talking, not any coach, but this is where you miss bowl practices to get a chance to work younger guys.

I got some very real stuff from Parker on his upbringing in New Orleans and wanting to take the next step as a player after the scrum walked away tonight. I’ll have more on him after I talk to a few more people.

Also, Gio LaFrance was out today with the flu, Parker said.