Spring practice access?

Any announcement on what availability reporters might have? 1st 20 minutes again or greater access? Would be nice to get some in-depth reports on everything since everything will be new. Offense, defense, coaches. Most everything will be new and there is a lot of interest. Weather permitting will go to spring game here in Little Rock.

With this new Fastbreak, no fullback, 2 tailback, left lane, full tilt, power boogie, WR dance party, I’ll need to be on the field to take it all in. They are going to have to let me on the field to see it all. I can’t just set in the bleachers. Will there be field seating?

We have not been informed about the kind of access we will have.

There was this Tweet from the WR coach:


I believe there are still a few field level Loge boxes left, they go for $4k/seat.

Reading Baums post Gas, we’ll call you a prospect which means full field access :smiley: