Spring game tickets

Just got an email. Free, but must be claimed online; you pick your seats when you claim them. Will be socially distanced and masks are required. Mobile tickets only. No cash transactions at the concession stands. No tailgating.

Imagine that a large number of those messages were sent and received today.

When is the game , again?

April 17, 2 p.m. RRS gates open at 1 p.m.

Game format is traditional scoring, 15 minute quarters, 12-minute halftime.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to claim my tickets. I log into my Razorback account and then go in circles. Cannot figure out how to finalize the tickets. I thought I was okay with technology for an old guy. I was wrong. Sigh…

There was a direct link out of the email; you may need to click that to claim the tickets.


Tried that with no luck. I’ve been working on securing 4 tickets all morning with no luck. They show available I click on the seats and it tells me not available. I’ve logged into my Razorback account and tried it there. Never been a problem purchasing tickets off the Razorback site. I wonder if they are prioritizing by donor amount?

I’d call them.

I had no trouble yesterday and I usually struggle with that kind of stuff.

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I’d try it myself but I might get them and there ain’t no way I’m coming in from NC for the game, as much as I might like to. So I don’t want to waste a ticket someone else might use.

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Thanks Jeff. I’ll figure it out. My last spring game was remembered for snow flurries in LR. I was so excited to see hammer down, left lane. Of coarse we saw take 20 seconds to get the play in then screw it up.

Called the ticket office and they fixed me up. Can’t wait!

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