Spring game thoughts

Wasn’t able to watch, wondering what ur thoughts on the game was? Tempo, offense, defense, special teams “kickers” I seen the crowd wasn’t there today, but understandable with weather and record. Build it and they will come.

Defense looked the best. DL could be surprisingly good. Linebackers are thin, but that’s expected right now with Scoota out. I was impressed with the DBs, they played well minus Cam Kurl getting his ankles broken by Trey Knox. Devin Bush had a nice interception.

Offense, OL not all that great. I’m not very impressed with Nwanna, not sure he will be a starter. WRs really need Mike woods out there, its going to be the Mike woods and Trey Knox show… there’s a drastic drop off after that. RBs hard to tell with their limited playing and injuries. Jordan Curtis had some nice runs, but at 180 he would get killed in SEC play, he needs to pack on about 20 pounds…quick. Chase Hayden looks bigger. Whaley had some decent runs. Chase Harrell is a monster (physically, he only had a few catches for a little yards so his play wasn’t a monster rating). Hicks missed a couple throws but shows good pocket awareness and poise, I thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if Starkel beats him out though, depending on how fast he picks the offense up, I think hes just a better talent.
Tempo never really got going, because the offense never really got going.

Physically, we look better. Guys look in shape, their arms and legs look like they are supposed to in the SEC. Isaiah Nichols looks like an Alabama DL to me, same with Marshal and Sosa.

Over all - about what I expected after hearing how well the defense has done all spring, and that the offense is behind them. That was evident. Offense will probably take the summer step when everyone is healthy.

The team as a whole seemed: 1) more engaged with greater energy, 2) more comfortable and 3) more confident in each other.

Always a positive note, thanks!

Kinda what I expected. OL gonna be the question down the road. Thx for info!

I agree with DeltaHawg

I liked what I saw esply the energy level

The defense being so much better is OK - it should be and that’s a positive

Now let’s see how it works out

I see them
Doubling their win total next year and maybe a SEC win too

Possibly biggest disappointment for me was that (as I recall) EVERY long pass was overthrown. Hard to say much about the remainder of the offense for next year because of the intentional “vanilla” aspect of the game and the missing participants. I agree with the current over/under of 5 wins, but would be delighted with an additional win or two.