Spring Football Game Years Ago

I remember attending a spring football game in Little Rock many years ago when Lou Holtz was here. There was a pretty good crowd there (30,000+), but the game was called at halftime when storms moved in and a tornado warning was issued.

My question: Did Arkansas used to alternate the spring game between Fayetteville and Little Rock, or did we have TWO spring games each year? I’m thinking we had two spring games since rosters were larger in those days, but I just don’t remember.

My Dad and I were at that Red-White game. The lightning started getting bad and we got back to the car just as it started raining hard. Second weirdest game at WMS I ever saw.

The weirdest was the SMU game where the tornado sirens were going off while people were calling the Hogs. A tornado hit up in the Heights during that storm. Then torrential rain moved in-we left at halftime (the Hogs lost big).

I was at that SMU game as well and also left at halftime, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. It was during the time of Dickerson and James and the best team money could buy.

Torrential rains for sure. (Don’t remember the tornado sirens, though, so it might have been a different one.)

i was at that game…standing at the top of the west side of the stands at my assigned section(LRPD)by the pressbox…one could see the lighting hitting all around and i was soaking wet even with all my raingear on…somehow i got lucky after that SMU game and never had to work another LR game on duty in my 30 years

I think there were two spring games some years.

Arkansas used to play multiple spring games in Fayetteville, Little Rock and Hot Springs.

Before the 2018 spring game in Little Rock due to stadium construction, the last off-campus spring game was played in Hot Springs in 1989.


Wow, I don’t remember any spring games in Hot Springs. That’s interesting.

I’m pretty sure the basketball team also used to play multiple Red-White games across the state. At least I seem to remember reading about them playing one in Paragould.

There were two spring games a lot of years. Fayetteville would be first and then LR a week later. Then the NCAA banned off campus spring games. I remember I came straight to WMS for the LR spring game one year from my cousin’s wedding; no time to change. I was definitely the best dressed guy in the press box that night.

I also remember sitting in the press box at that SMU game and hearing the sirens. That was also the end of our long streak of not being shut out. I think we could have played eight quarters that day and still not scored.

In my day there were two games and If I recall correctly, the LR game was the biggie.

Yep LR was definitely the biggie which is why it came last.

In 1989, the Red-White game in Central Arkansas was played the night of the Arkansas Derby. The football scrimmage was at Hot Springs High, so I’m sure some people attended Oaklawn in the afternoon and the football scrimmage that night.

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