Spring Depth Chart. Clay?

Clay, do you have a good feel for a depth chart for Spring? It’s a wild guess in many cases but it sure is an important subject now.
-WR and TE have some movement
-OLine has some stability with Ragnow staying but who takes Skipper’s place?
-We have 4 LB’s now with Greenlaw and Harris filling 2 of the spots I assume.

I put a similar post in the recruiting tab, stupidly.

But glad someone else is wondering on the topic also.

Also at LB I’m very excited about baptiste and walker, they are big athletic SEC lbers, I hope they turn into great players.

I was also thinking Wagner might fight for that LT spot, they seem to like him.

We redshirted some good talent evenly across the positions, and even a few JUCO’s were redshirted on the Oline. We redshirted 2 serious studs on the Dline in Marshall and Guidry, the LB’s you mentioned, and a few DB’s. We also have 9 early enrollees that could provide good spring depth.

I would not be surprised to see Ragnow take Skipper’s spot. Raulerson is a wild card talent that was injured badly most of the year, and could play Guard or Center to support Rogers at Center. Malone and Ramirez were the 2 JUCO’s that were Redshirted and should compete for playing time. Colton Jackson should be a strong contender for LT as well.

I have not put anything like that together. I probably could take a stab at that first part of the week. Sorting out the guys at the stand-up position at outside linebacker in the 3-4 might be a little bit of a guess. Bielema did mention Michael Taylor, Randy Ramsey and Karl Roesler at that spot. So I’d probably just go with that.

I am wondering if you might see Clenin at center. Bielema seems fascinated that he could play that position. Not saying he’d be ready to play there in year one, but he might be in the depth chart there.

Also what about Heinrich? Could he potentially take snaps at center to get frank to a more needy spot. I know Heinrich was a very respected and decorated high school player, should be ready to rock and roll.

The 2016 offense could not sustain drives against the good teams. I am focused on the Oline because our offense is key to our team and sets up our Defense for success. If our Offense is running the ball and eating clock, then our defense has the upper hand when it is on the field less while the other team’s offense has more pressure via less possessions. My opinion is that we should have a much better Oline this year via experience, health and talent infusion. Froholdt, Wallace, and Gibson should see tremendous growth as they were first year starters. If the Oline is much better, then we will be able to sustain drives against the good defenses and stay on schedule for down and distance. We put AA in terrible position as a first year starter with a bad Oline, but it was much worse with down and distance schedules that forced obvious passing downs. The 2016 Oline was not capable of pass blocking on obvious passing downs.

I think you mentioned once before that Ragnow could go to LT? I assume Rogers is ready to take over Center and/or Raulerson could play there too?
Wallace and Gibson appear to be solid on the right side.
Ragnow at LT with Froholdt at LG is a possibility?
Malone could give Froholdt a push?
Colton Jackson is better than he appeared at RT and could be a great back up for Wallace or Ragnow.

What about Karl Roesler? TM article today discusses DL returnees, I didn’t see him mentioned.