Spots left in recruiting

It seems different having so many recruits this early and seems slow. We have a lot of ATH committed but for the most part know what positions they are going to play. 2 questions:

  1. How many can we sign this year since we didn’t sign 25 last year… or did we use those scholarships on walkons?
  2. What positions are we looking at to close out the class?
    Thanks for any info and all the work you guys do! Good win today! Go hogs

The only commitment we list as an athlete is Jarrod Barnes. I see him as a slot, but could play CB. Arkansas is recruiting Koilan Jackson as a WR, but is a guy that would look really good as a safety. Some refer to De’Vion Warren and Maleek Barkley as athletes, but we list them as WR/slots. Again, could get a look at DB.

With late additions of Michael Taylor and Britto Tutt, had 23 for the 2016 class. With S Reid Miller and TE Anthony Antwine being awarded scholarships, I would say that would take the 25 for the 16 class.

Honestly, not 100% sure where they stand with the 85 right now. Will have to check. Technically, they have six spots left just for the 17 class. As an educated guess, I would say 2-3 DL, 1-2 DBs, 1-2 LBs and another OL. As we learned last year, the numbers can change. The Hogs planned to sign 12 or 13 last year and signed 23.

Thanks for the info Richard! I know he has been talked about a lot, but do we have a good shot at the Johnston kid, the LB out of bama?

Yes, at this point I’ll be surprised if he’s not a Hog. As usual, things could change.

Johnson is a junior - a 2018 prospect

I for the longest thought he was a 17 recruit for some reason. I look at scout now and then and they have him on the 17 prospect list. Thanks for the update, though. Was sure hoping to land him this year.

BTW, he’ll be in for an OV the Ole Miss game along with teammate and LSU DE commit Justin Thomas.

Is it normal for juniors to take officials so early? I could be completely wrong but don’t remember any doing it that soon except for unofficials. It would be nice to get a big time DE with all we are losing this year. Surely someone will see the playing opportunity and jump on board. Again, thanks for info

He’s a senior. I think Dudley is thinking of another kid.