Sportscasters and Sports Writers Hall of Fame

Bob Holt, Mike Irwin, Mike Nail and Chris Mortensen were inducted to the Arkansas Sportscasters and Sports Writers Hall of Fame today in Fayetteville.


Mortensen is an interesting inclusion. Can’t say I associate him as an Arkansas Sportscaster or Sports Writer. I suppose that opens up Hall for guys like Dan Wolken and George Schroeder (who has moved on to a much higher calling)

Listening to the list of those already included was eye-opening. Dizzy Dean was one of those.

Mort has lived in Northwest Arkansas for almost 18 years. About 90 percent of his studio work is taped in his home. He’s spent as much time in Northwest Arkansas as me of late. His home church is Springdale. He is a HUGE fan of Arkansas baseball. Huge. Rarely misses a home game.

He has probably spent more time in Arkansas than Dizzy Dean or Pat Summerall.


Mort looks like he is doing well.

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Mort has good days and bad. Being able to swallow is not always easy. He was happy to be honored. My favorite pic of the day was with him.


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