Sports Writer tell me...

What the heck did Mike say in the huddle to stop that CSU run and start that hog run? I’m to the point I just need to shut up and color and let Mike do his job. Loving this chemistry.

There were actually two timeouts. I am sure that one thing that was clear, the ball needed to go to Gafford more and that happened. The other thing that happened was that they stopped the ball on the fast break and played solid defense for the rest of the game. Generally, Mike talks about eliminating turnovers and stopping the ball. He wants his players to value the ball on offense, while attacking. And, stop the ball on defense. That is what it looks like he got fixed in those two timeouts.

I don’t think it had as much to do with what he said, as the fact that he put the starting 5 back in following his timeout when the score was 67-60. The starting 5 just took over the game at that point. The bench players came back in later in the 2nd half and played very well. I’d say several of the bench players got the message loud and clear by sitting there and watching the starters play.

There’s a write up about this below several short videos “2nd Half:” … ado-state/

He probably asked them to get the focus and intensity back. It is hard to keep those two going when you are up by 22. Anyone who has played the game knows that.

i agree with harley. the starters came back in and we went on a run.

the bench this year, has played well in the first half, second half, when game gets tight, there is a little hesitation, to be expected from a young team. nice to grow and learn yet blow teams out.

but he put the starters back in and it was over.

Gotta cover the real three point shooters, otherwise they can get their team right back in a game quickly.