Sports Talk Statistic

On Mattingly’s show, they had a statistic about Frank Broyles, who had 14 years out of 19 in which the Hogs made Top 10 appearances. In the last 40 years, Arkansas has been ranked in the Top 10 just 15 times and only 6 years out of the 25 in the SEC. Lou Holtz and Ken Hatfield did a pretty good job of continuing Broyles’ success, having the Hogs in the Top 10 nine times out of 13 years. So in a 32-year run (Broyles+Holtz+Hatfield), the Hogs were in the Top 10 at some point in 23 seasons. That’s a pretty incredible run for a small state like Arkansas.

There is, though, some things to keep in mind about that run. All of it was in the SWC, which was never as deep a conference as the SEC. Also, there were no scholarship limits in many of those years. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Just thought it was an interesting set of statistics.

Excellent post… I believe us older fans are living in those GLORY years and believe we will return…reality is suggesting otherwise… :cry:

Someone will correct my errors but I believe Arkansas offered 50 scholarships per year during the Broyles tenure until the early 70’s (the SWC limit). Sometime in the early 70’s the number was dropped to 30 by NCAA edict and much later to the current 25. There was no limit on total scholarships until the 25 limit was set. Title 9 requirements (as well as balance of competition issues) likely played a major roll in the reduction.

Just my memory, could be wrong.

In the 60’s and early 70’s we brought in a large number of walk-ons. Maybe we still do.

You who are more knowledgeable feel free to correct me.