Sports Illustrate writers predict the Ark-Florida game

I HATE that they used the “Texas wannabe” version of our helmet…

I hate that helmet. God I hate it.

We have one of the 4-5 most iconic helmets in football. (I would put Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, and USC up there with us). Leave it alone.

What I find amusing about these predictions is that every single one of those writers felt like they HAD to cover their own butts in case of an upset by using terms like “trap” game and “formidable” to describe us.

We’re not just earning respect; we’re demanding it with our play. It’s great to see.

I completely agree.

The irony is that the helmet is a little less “iconic” to younger fans. Why? Because over the past 10 years or so, we’ve “experimented” with some of these alternate (white, anthracite, Ohio State/Cowboy) variations. So they’ve seen more variability in the design.

But you get any true college football fan 30 or older, and your comment about our helmet being one of the more recognizable in the game certainly holds true. Why we would ever go away from that (except for, maybe, the once-in-a-blue-moon RED chrome, say in a Bowl Game) is beyond me.

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