Sports can soothe a small town in pain - my column on Newport


good story and oh so true.although i grew up in Little Rock;i remember hearing dad talk about how his hometown of Booneville always looked forward to Friday nights and the traditions that the Bearcats have had for we move to Mountain View;the people we have met have asked if i was a high school football fan…it’ll be exciting to watch the community on those nights as our house is only "down the road"from the school…small towns have their ways and Friday nights are one of the best.thanks Dudley

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So sad, but a great read, Dudley. My aunt and uncle (the Plegges) moved to Newport back in the 60’s. Neither was from there and I’m sure they had numerous opportunities to go elsewhere. But they raised two kids there, loved the community…and never left. They’re still there to this day, just a block away from the stadium you played in. It’s gotta be a special place to engender such loyalty.

Last time I stepped on that field was 60 years ago— my sister and younger brother still live there— I’ll always be a greyhound

Yes luskimo I’m from Ozark and Booneville was always the team to beat (if you could) when I played in early-mid 70’s. 3 straight years they beat me and my high school team (OHS) for the district championship. I was the captain my Sr year. Whew.

Thanks Dudley. Tragedy brings folks together. Prayers for the young ladies family and friends.

Dudley “Cougar” Dawson…lol…

Petra and Paula are close friends

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This was your best by far Dudley and oh so true.

i find myself checking for the Booneville score on Friday nights before i do the Parkview one…as the saying goes…in a way i have become what i feared most in my youth…my parents…lol

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