Spoke with parent of an Auburn FB player today

friend of mine for years, he’s a great guy, outside of letting his son go to Auburn.

So the Auburn football players are tested for covid repeatedly, only live with other football players, are very well watched and cared for.

The auburn football players have all “told their professors that they can only have online classes”.

There is a cafeteria for auburn football players and for regular students, but now only the football players are able to eat there.

As a parent, he is required to join a weekly zoom meeting with football players and their team MD, to discuss health issues, primarily covid.

Sounds great, right? great system, right?

but here’s the problem-the auburn students have now arrived. all summer, no football players were covid positive. Now my friend’s son has been quarantined…twice! currently 18 auburn players are quarantined.

Both his quarantines were the same issue. roommate dated a girl, girl call that week that she’s covid +, rooommate gets tested and he’s covid +, so quarantine #1.

last week, he’s got 3 new roommates, one dates a new girl, girl calls back in couple days that she’s covid +, roommate gets tested and is covid +…qurantine #2.

luckily, none of these kids are sick, but it just underscored how impossible it is to protect any given population, when surrounded by knuckleheads.

Just hope that folks keep in mind that these players are clearly safer than the general student population. also hope that we get to see a couple games this year

man, where’s the vaccine!?!!

our hospital seems to be trending down, we’ve maintained 40’s to 50’s covid patients on any given day for the last 4-6 weeks (however long this second covid wave has been… i’m really having a hard time keeping track of time during this crazy pandemic).

last monday we had 29 and were back in the 40’s by wednesday. this monday about 35, and we’ve stayed in the 30’s. true trend or aberration??? hope it’s the former. i’m sick of this mess.


Another important lesson here. Mommas don’t let yer babies grow up to date Aubrun girls!


Got a daughter at Auburn and even the ones doing the right thing are getting Covid. Seems to be moving through the general student population fairly quickly, and luckily most are mild symptoms.

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The NCAA outlawed athletic dorms a number of years ago. I guess no one cares these days.

Oh, and another thing, in case you think I’m neglecting my duties as a board member…I did ask him what % of Chad Morris’ offense was installed. He laughed and said he has no idea, his son plays on defense.


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During my week long UA campus visit earlier this month, I noticed a lot of UA athletes engaging in close conversations at the dorm complex without following any C19 precautions. I am happily (very happy!) surprised (very surprised!) there has not been any announced uptick in C19 cases among the students and athletes.

I told myself at the time that it would require a couple of team leaders or GAs patrolling the dorm to enforce C19 precautions. The lack of C19 precautions was greatly endangering their teams and seasons. But apparently time has proved me wrong (happily wrong!).


I think the days of a GA walking down the halls of a residence hall are long gone.

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I only saw the SAE house in fayetteville, all the boys had on masks, but all of us parents were still there. I am confident that there will be extremely poor behavior going on continually. just waiting for the covid cases on campus, but it’s only been a week…I’m like you, Guy, pleasantly surprised that we haven’t heard of an outbreak yet.


Well hopefully as I take away your surprise, you will still have pleasant feelings (as I hate to ruin someone’s day). However, our local Baton Rouge paper’s main headline in the sports section today reads, “Majority of LSU O-line in Quarantine” with subheading of, “All but four have tested positive or come in close contact with virus”. I guess one way of looking at this is that now they should not have to worry about that cropping up during the actual season, whereas all the other teams have to.

I think that was in response to the outlaw culture of the jock dorm in Norman Oklahoma. Good times in Sooner land!

UA has been reporting cases for three weeks but it’s a small number; 15 new cases on the 24th and 25th.


As they did with The Wildcat Coal Lodge For Kentucky basketball.

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