Spoke with a former Hog football coach

he is tight with Tommy Brasher, they began as GA’s together. Great dude, as all those hogs seem to be.

I told him about Clay’s article and how open TB was about our team’s issues the last 4 years.

He is extremely polite and positive, but had a grin and said “I could have told you all that”, a bit guiltily. Really good guy, but he felt like TB did. The old hogs, who played so hard and established our rep as a solid, tough, overachieving program, are just heartbroken from watching our team the past couple years.

Man, I’m pulling for CSP and this staff and these players to restore some effort and some pride to our program.


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Hopefully, the road is headed toward the Razorbacks getting back to being the Fighting Razorbacks. GHG!

One of my good friends is a retired coach. He loved Tommy’s comments. You can figure out who it is. He was on the same defensive staff with Tommy at SMU under Bobby Collins.

I’ve always said I love the Hogs, win or lose. But…three things I expect of the players: go to class, play hard every down and don’t be a knucklehead.

Great instructions eli ! IMO Doing those 3 things will ensure success.

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Tommy Brasier was a great football player at El Dorado and was one of our football coaches when I was in high school. He played and coached with an intense passion and toughness. It was funny though to see him help coach basketball. He coached it the same way even though he had never played

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