Spivey didn’t make the trip to Starkville. His hometown is very close to Auburn. With Boyd hurt, status for Auburn unknown, we need all the backs we can get, particularly given that it is likely going to be raining with wind. I would think Spivey would be super motivated for this one. Does anyone know what the running back depth chart will look like if Boyd is hobbled?

My best guess would be Trelon Smith, then freshman Dominique Johnson and A’Montae Spivey, if he can play. Through two weeks, Smith is second on the team in all-purpose yards. I like what he’s provided. Johnson got on the field briefly on Saturday. I think the staff likes his potential.

Two things about a new (freshman) running back. I’m always interested in seeing them run in a game, to see what they bring to that dimension of our offense. Number 2, I’m always concerned about their ability to pick up on the non-running parts of their responsibility…in particular, pass blocking ability AND just knowing where to be in various pass protection schemes.

Blocking is much, much more important for a RB than most fans realize. Failure to pick up the blocking scheme (when called out at the line of scrimmage), or inability to block successfully once lined up correctly can have calamitous results (injured QB, sack, rushed pass/interception, etc.).

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I agree! Very tough to put a freshman in and expect to be able to make the correct reads

Blocking and pass pro is the key to playing a freshman RB in my view. You can either run the ball with good vision, toughness and speed — and without fumbling — or you can’t. Regardless of whether you’re a true freshman. A true freshman ought to be able to play year 1 if he knows the offense. But you have to know and execute the offense.

Example. Noticed on one play the back tried to go outside for a big gain and was cut down for a small gain. If he had gone straight there was a first down. These young guys were almost always able to out run defensive players and make big plays in HS… That does not happen in the SEC. They have to learn to take what is there. Get those 4 yards and a first down. That is the important thing.

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The Freshman is a downhill runner and could come in and punish defenders

What abt Dante Buckner? Told me he was 3rd string at st game.

He did travel to Mississippi State, but he’s the No. 5-6 back when everyone in that group is healthy/available. I don’t expect him to see the field unless there’s a big emergency situation.

Ok thx.

The few plays Spivey had last year he did have a fumble but he did run low and hard,.I’m sure he still has a lot to learn outside of just running the ball but he will stick his nose up in there,…

Especially important as we had a hard time getting 3 yards.

They released the depth chart for Auburn and Boyd is listed 1, Smith 2.

I think north-south runners will be in demand if the field gets sloppy. That might be in Johnson’s wheel house.

It looks like the storm is tracking a little west of Auburn for now, but it’s early in the week and things can change. Those storm tracks change the closer you get.

Who’s the running back years ago who really had never done anything and for some reason can’t remember his name had an unbelievable day on a wet sloppy field.

Brandon Holmes

A stud football player that Nutt has playing all over the field. A new position every year it seems

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Wasn’t it the Miss State game in the sleet At Starkville that he did so well in ?

Snow and sleet. Nasty day. He was usually a DE.

That was him.Thanks

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The snow and sleet game was 2000 with Holmes racking up 95 yards and 2 TDs, almost all of his yards were right up the middle. Won in OT with a great stop at the goal line, I believe by Quinton Caver. I was at that game, only one I’ve been to in Starkville. One of my Army buddies was a Miss State grad. Wives gave up right after the half and went inside under cover. Nasty weather.