Spivey says no worries about Ole Miss offer

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … iss-offer/

Will Arkansas still consider him a commit if he takes the trip? I’ve heard Morris doesn’t consider you committed if you a take a visit elsewhere.

Taking a trip to Ole Miss and not signing early because his family is “traditional”… right.

I’d sign Ivory Winters on 12/19 and call it a day on RB recruiting rather than sweating out a late LSU offer or flip to Ole Miss by Spivey. A bird in the hand…

Yeah the trip to Ole Miss made everything else he said irrelevant to me… His actions don’t line up with his words. Though he’s committed verbally it seems he’s not fully committed mentally…he was seen wearing LSU gloves before LSU got a second running back to commit, only then did I notice a slight change in his tune. I think this guy is an opportunist and whatever comes along that “looks” better, because the surface is not manifestation, he may grab.

Agree - hopefully Morris will tell him he needs to sign on 12/19 or we’ll move on…assuming they have Winters and Spivey rated pretty closely and Winters would flip and sign if given the opportunity.

Not expecting Spivey to jump off the boat.

Why not go ahead and sign on 12/19? Even if he wants to have a ceremony in February he can still fax in a LOI in December.

Only logical reason I can deduce is he wants to keep options open which is a dangerous game for Arkansas if the #2 guy on their board plans to sign early.

I never worry until someone tells me not to worry.