Spirit of Sanduski may live on at Penn State?

Former player files lawsuit alleging hazing of a sexual nature against under classmen. Says Franklin knew about it and did nothing. If true that program needs to be burned to the ground and never brought back.

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Wasn’t it just name calling?


Kid claims the upperclassmen stripped the underclassmen down, held them down, then placed their genitalia on them, including the buttocks, while telling them they were going to Sandusky them.

That’s sick stuff. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to be a Nittany Lion these days.

If this is true I’m really disappointed in Franklin…

Wow…Spirit of Sanduski may live on at Penn State?

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Ohio State wrestling was just as bad, depends on your point of view as to which allowed the most abuse and the shame associated.

Click on the Fox and Politico to get the Jordan defense and claim to not have known about the many times now reported abuse by the victims and now observers of the program.

add an apolitical source, the Ohio State University report. Sad that the topic is a political agenda for jousting and maintaing balance of power in Congress:

Between the garbage at Penn State and Michigan State they should fire everyone in both athletic departments and start over!
If Franklin is guilty he should go to the Pen! He needs to Take those great coaches from Michigan State with him!

After reading the Michigan State mess (not just the gymnast doctor but the issues with both football & basketball sexual allegations) I wanted to hurl. It seems very credible and is as bad as Baylor.


So sad that stuff happens… can’t believe that of all places, stuff like that goes on at the school that has the biggest School newspaper Program and most journalist majors of just about any school in the US…

Journalist there practically camp out in the football facilities.

Lots of Journalists training from today’s culture of Journalism isn’t at all reassuring. Ethics, honesty,
and impartiality are only given lip service.

Hmmm. Michegan State, The OSU and Penn State. Maybe they should call that league The Big Perv.

I don’t know why anyone is shocked by this behavior. The amount of stuff we look the other way on today is truly remarkable. The amount of sex available to our kids on a cell phone is mind boggling…perverted stuff. People say…we don’t care what other do behind closed doors. It doesn’t stay behind closed doors anymore.

The most shocking part is the reports Franklin knew about it an turned his head. Major issue if true.

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Franklin left Vandy and went to Penn St. leaving behind a sick sexual situation at Vandy.It wasn’t gay but a DL he recruited from California along with 2 other players raped and tormented a female student. Brandon Vandengburg got 17 years for his part. Messed up situation for sure.

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What’s unreal is the fact there has never been an official investigation or inquiry by the state! Izzo should have been fired long ago.
Win at all cost at its highest level!

I hate hearing about this stuff. Granted everyone should get their day in court (innocent till proven guilty). But there always seems to be a trail.
Don’t forget we have a new OC who was with a program that turned there heads and even tried to coverup a similar or worse mess. But like I said “ innocent till proven guilty” and Kendal wasn’t proven guilty so I stand behind him 100% at this point.

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