Spent the weekend in Colorado at a Family Reunion..............

…and just got back to town. Watched the game with a bunch of LSU and Colorado fans and it was a humiliating experience. The LSU fans felt sorry for me and were actually nice about the melt down in the second half.

I was not surprised to see Storey struggle. He got away with some bad passing against Eastern Illinois that didn’t work against CSU. 5 of 13 for 36 yards and threw two interceptions. Kelley threw a little better than Storey but his lack of a running threat really hurts this offense. We just don’t have the precision passing that is needed with our wide receivers. They don’t get wide open enough to allow inaccurate passes to work often enough. I am sticking with my prediction that Noland will be starting by mid season.

My real concern is that this team hung its hat on conditioning as one of the few edges it would have this season. We were going to come back leaner, quicker, and would not poop out in the 4th quarter like last year. We might not be the most talented, but we were going to be in shape. Getting beat 25-0 in the 4th quarter against a team that Hawaii destroyed in the same stadium two weeks ago really hurts. Wally blames the altitude, but Hawaii had an even greater altitude differential to deal with (they live and play at sea level, not in the Ozark Mountains) so that dog won’t hunt.

Right now, a weak pass rush and weak QB play partially fueled by a weak O-line are our fundamental problems. Not the style of offense, not our head coach watching his son play on Friday night instead of being in the hotel with his team, not the uniform combination, etc. Now we get to add to that list, we may not be in as good of shape as we hoped. It will be a long season. Maybe the head coach being in a Texas High School Stadium every Friday night will get us some badly needed 4 star recruits!

Certainly not the altitude. Stated before game that is just an excuse . Real problems for conditioned people start at 7500, not 5000. I am elk hunting this week at 9-10 ft, am 70 years old and certainly not condition ed and am having no problems with altitude.

We faltered and folded. Prevent mentality bags another feeble
response to pressure and resolve from an opponent that is let
up off the mat.