Spent the Weekend in AR

I went to Russellville to watch two of my Grandsons play football. Great fun. Saw 3 games. They went 2 for 3. One caught a 2 pt pass and on the very next play, he dropped a sure Pic 6.

the thing that I really noticed was the difference in the attitude of the people at the games relative The Hogs. Everybody had on Hog gear and were talking about the coming game. People were excited about the Hogs. It was everywhere and the way it is suppose to be in Arkansas in the fall. Last year at the same time, somebody ask about the score and it was who cares and a joke.

What a difference! I know they were disappointed Sat. night (watched it with my son’s whole family and several of the neighbors), but it really did not seem to dampen the positive feelings. It was obvious we were overmatched, but loved the fight all the way to the end. On side kick with less than 10 sec down by 12. You got to love that sort of effort.

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When you see a team fight to the end, there is obvious hope for the future. And, the future is now.

Great post OP.

I’ve said all along that the apathy some have mentioned in recent years is not about a lack of interest in our program. It’s fatigue from getting butt-whipped for several years in a row.

I’ve always felt that our fans would come back in full force if we ever gave them anything to root for. Glad to see the re-kindling is under way…as it should be. Sam is already making his presence felt. When he wins an SEC title in a few years, they may need to make room next to Franks statue for another one.

Nothing like watching the grands play sports. We spend many an hour watching baseball, football and basketball.

The difference this year is we see fight and effort which has been missing. I think everyone knows we’re underdogs but everyone appreciates the courage of our Razorbacks. It’s great to see fighting Razorbacks once again.


Someone asked me how long it would take for Arkansas fans to get behind the Hogs again. And, how many wins it would take? I said it would be quickly. All the needed to see is effort and belief in the coach. They’ve seen that in every game. I was encouraged immediately. I’m no different than anyone else.

If you talk like a Hog and walk like a Hog, you are probably a Hog. That’s Sam Pittman and we all know it.

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That’s what I love about Coach Pittman!! I believe that he genuinely wants this job and loves being the head coach of the Razorbacks!! I truly believe he bleeds Razorback red!!
That’s why the players love him and fight, play hard to the end for him! They see it, they know it, and they believe it too!
I believe Coach Pittman is the right man for the Arkansas Razorbacks!!

This is spot on. We are a blue collar state and program. We don’t enjoy losing but can live with it if we see progress and feel that the effort and pride is there.

It never was with the last group and wasn’t at the end of the Bielema era.

Morris was stealing money (figuratively) and we all saw it-from the big things to the little things.

Players aren’t going to buy into and believe in a coach who doesn’t buy into them and believe in them and practice what he preaches. Morris will eventually fail, miserably, at AU.

Morris may have given the worst single performance of any HC in major CFB history and it’s wonderful to see his polar opposite have immediate success.

But for covid, DWRRS would be full right now on Saturdays for a 4-2* team because they are laying it on the line. That’s all we ask for and it sounds simple but as we have seen, it isn’t a given.

We have seen the difference with essentially the same players and a staff that is light years better.

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