Spend the Money

The AD and Board of Trustees, need to spend the big dollars for a proven Coach. We’ve been giving them medicore annual salries with big buy outs. So are the old coaches really scared to get fired, if they don’t produce a team with winning schedules each year ? Hogs pay 4 teams each year to come to town and get whipped. Didn’t work out that way last year of this year. So if the Hogs win all 4 of their pay for play teams, then out of eight games left … they only have to win 2 of eight games … to be bowl bound Just 25 %.
I say keep our interim coach, if he can motivate the current teak and recruit. Keep him

UA has rarely shown willingness to pay top market for top coaches.

It has demonstrated paying lower half of conference wages while hoping for top of conference results.

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If we are not going to pay the going price for quality coaches then do not write contracts with middle tier salary and a high buyouts relative to the salary being paid.

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I would say they need to avoid hiring poor coaches! They wasted money on Morris! They see that as well as we do!
Morris is a car salesmen that pretends to be a football coach! That was an expensive mistake on all of their part!
Cheap isn’t always better buy or hire a quality product! That applies to all facets of life.