It’s sad for me to read about todays emphasis and importance of speed in football. This is nothing new. Yet for whatever reason(s), football coaches (CBB ?) tend to either ignore it, are unable to recruit it or unable to make their players faster once on campus.

I remember when CFB built a downhill 40 yard track for his players to sprint to help increase the speed of his players. I remember when other coaches (Jimmy Johnson (especially at Miami and Dallas)) placed a great emphasis on speed. Obviously with great results.

Another point. Matt Jones was an outstanding dual threat QB. Incredibly fast. Why Arkansas didn’t take college football’s lead in recruiting and developing the nation’s best dual threat QBs after its success with Matt Jones will always remain a mystery to me. They found the secret recipe and threw it away.


You forgot about Quin Grovey. He was first, but I agree with you. Should have kept that recipe

Yep, we won lots of big games with Grovey and Matt J running the football…Bowl games, SEC Championship games.

Lots of Hog fans from both eras couldn’t be happy without seeing the ball in the air more often, however.