Speed - Speed - Recruiting - Recruiting

Our lack of speed has been apparent for several years. But the difference now? Our offensive line is a weakness. I cannot fathom two first and goals from the 2 yard line ending up like they did tonight. That hasn’t been the case. So now our lack of speed is really exposed because our offensive line is so bad.

We are now 3-1. Two chip shot field goals made and we are 1-3. As long as we are recruiting 2 and 3 stars and coaching them “up,” we will continue to be mediocre. This is Bielema’s plight. A great person, a fun coach, but lack of talent is is downfall. This isn’t the Big 10 where you get multiple weeks off from great conference opponents.

I love the Hogs - it is what it is.

It wasn’t speed or recruiting that lost this game, it was mistakes. The fumble at the goal line and the two stops at the goal line with no points. The last stop at the goal line was the turning point of the game.

Also we let three big plays kill us. The two QB runs for a TD and the long pass for a TD. That was 21 points in less than five minutes. The defense just wore down tonight.

OL was bad. Skipper should be embarrassed. He lost money tonight.

I’m not gonna gripe too much about the one drive because Austin got in–probably twice but definitely once.

Our Oline is a weakness, but I think we just played against an Oline and especially a Dline that will match Bama. I was surprised at how good A&M’s Oline was. Their Dline is feakish and high performing. In spite of all that We were still tied after multiple fumbles at 17 all. We were devastated by driving 94 yards for a go ahead touch and couldn’t punch it in. I reiterate the Oline is a problem but A&M’s Dline is great with Bama and Ole Miss as the only 2 Dlines that will be this good. We have been spoiled by some great Oline talent and performance that isn’t there this year.

The truth is that Trevor Knight broke our back with big runs. Most of their rushing yardage was big chunk plays. Sadly, Bama has a QB just like Knight so that is not good news. The 92 yard TD pass to Reynolds was another killer. Their Oline worked us over - Dline and LB’s were beat often.

A&M is the better team and it hurts to say that. We need better quality players and it all comes down to recruiting. I know that CBB has improved our talent but we need to close on some higher quality talent to close out this signing class.