Speed, speed and more speed

On the field tonight from both teams. Even the big d linemen are very fast and quick.

Makes me feel sick watching these two SEC teams with talent and think about what we put on the field. Coach M has a big, big, big job ahead of him. Those were not SMU type players out there.

Was fun to see both teams with SEC patch on their jersey. You can bet the powers will do everything possible to make sure that does not happen again.


Speed helps, but, wow, doesn’t Bama tackle well. They continuously risk their bodies because their bench is so strong…if not better.

I think you both nailed it

Talent and being well coached raises the bar high to beat them. Excellence is to be studied and admired regardless of where you find it. Georgia is a good team and appears to be stockpiling equal talent to Bama so SEC future is going to be bright and difficult.

Yeah…looked like two NFL teams out there.