Speculation on who will leave...

Any ideas on who may leave after the season?

Garland- Medical

Could we lose another guard and big, will there be a surprise?

13 scholarships players on the team.
9 play in the rotation. One of those 9 will probably enter the NFL draft.

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    +or - 5 would be my best guess.

On this team it’s hard to believe with the youth you can be riding the bench and don’t play. Other than a transfer.
We all know Garland won’t be on the team next year. After that who knows. I would sure like to see Henderson hit the weight room and bulk up.
This rosters needs to be able to have players 1 thru 13 that can play on the floor in every game if needed.

I don’t think there is a college team in America that has 13 players on the roster that are fully ready to contribute. That is something to shoot for. A perfect world. But not realistic.

This is especially true for bigs who take longer to mature. You can look at any team bench and you will see a couple of tall guys at the way end of the bench that you can barely see them. Just like bigs, colleges sign some bigs with potential upside. That is where Ali and Henderson are today.

Just from his body language I think Chaney may be gone. He seems to be so unhappy even when he’s playing.

I would almost bet Henderson and Ibby move on. I hate that Garland will never get to play college basketball. Has to be very hard for him but thank the good Lord that they found his issue.

Chaney leaving would be “Darius Hall Redux” as he is playing a lot and would be the man next year. I would be very disappointed if he left.

Don’t see Reggie leaving at all. Loves it here.


And then you start from the back of the line of who isn’t playing unless somebody else leaves.

They clearly are in the market to sign 4.


A big (Diarra or Hawkins)
Best available shooter/scorer

Since I keep seeing Ibby’s name and even the posters I respect saying that, I have to ask. Why do you say Ibby would leave? You see Mike forcing him out? Or are you saying he leaves on his own?.

Seems if Hendeson or Ibby leave then we really messed up, not getting anything out of them and having them take up spots on the bench that could have used at least one more player. I really don’t mind seeing if either or both can develop before writing them off. We have seldom had enough size, so I am not eager to see some leave.

As I have noted before, I always look for who is not playing when I speculate.

Didn’t say he is going to leave or be forced out.

I’m just going by what Dudley said. We are looking for big men, they don’t play, etc.

I actually like the long term potential for Ibby.