Speculation on next years Hoops team and starting lineup

Obviously Muss likes big guards. I am hoping we land Isaiah Moss, i really like his game from an offensive standpoint and I’ve been reading some stuff on him and he works hard on defense.

If we land Moss we will definitely go ten deep, maybe deeper. And i think he’s a starter from day 1.
Not taking any additional recruits into consideration and with Moss and Cylla on board.

I see our starting lineup as this
Isaiah Joe
Jay Harris
Isaiah Moss
Jeantal Cylla
Reggie Chaney

Unless Muss can find someone out of the group that can bring the ball up the court, i think this lineup makes the most sense. I can also see Desi or, even, Mason Jones running the point. If that’s the starting five though, look at our bench-

Desi Sills
Justice Hill
Mason Jones
Gabe O
Ethan Henderson
Adrio Bailey
Khalil Garland?

If we sign CV, that puts us at our limit. Still anxious to see/hear something on Khalil. Nothing official leads me to believe that there’s still a shot, no matter how small.

That starting lineup is fast and skilled. We all know of Harris’ shooting woes, i’m in the camp that he can still improve based on his form and release and FT shooting. I’m convinced most is between his ears. There’s no questioning his ability to penetrate and with the spacing being vastly improved (Just my opinion here) i think he will be a pretty good facilitator and mid-range and at the rim scorer. Granted we won’t have a true 5 more than likely, i feel that we will have size at the other positions and speed. I can see this team averaging in low to mid 80’s. Maybe higher. While we will get eaten up by teams with big post players offensively, we will have four or five guys that average between 4-9 rebounds per game.

Muss’ last two Nevada teams weren’t huge, they averaged in the 80s the last two seasons. As he said, we have better players than they did but the makeup size wise is similar.

If Ethan is here next year, i look for him to be improved and log some minutes. He’s gonna have to.

All in all, i am pretty pumped about the potential. The roster is good, Mike, whether you liked him or not, has this roster in pretty good shape minus the big we lack but the guys that are here, for the most part, fit what Muss wants to do.

I’m most excited about the pace and space. We, as Hog fans, love uptempo Hawg ball. That doesn’t necessarily mean pressing and trapping but i bet Deflections are something that Muss charts to a degree. He’s stated that he wants us to gamble on defense but gamble smart. I like the idea that he says he won’t zone, I don’t believe it but i like it. That’s what you can sell to recruits. Teach man to man and show that you’re going to play that way will garner a lot more consideration from kids that are potential NBA players coming out of high school. Calipari does the same thing.

Add one more nice piece and i feel strongly that we are a top 3/4 SEC team next year and should get pre-season consideration with some of the talking heads. A lot of that is popularity contests and Muss is well respected there.

Being a Mike guy, meaning i really have a lot of respect for the man and coach, I felt he should get another year. After it’s all said and done, i couldn’t be more happy with our new coach and i also couldn’t be any happier for Mike. The fact that he landed on his feet and got a lot of support from Hog fans on twitter kind of made all of this okay in my book. And we absolutely got a complete stud and hard worker. I’m hoping he’s here for the duration. There’s no question in my opinion that he’s going to succeed at a high level. High enough that UK fans are going to start wanting him as their coach if Cal ever moves on.

Can’t wait until we get closer to the season.

If we add another wing/shooter in Moss (42% from 3 pt line) I suspect we are going to see more of Joe or Sills at the PG then Harris. I like Harris, but 12% from 3 (or whatever it was) is going to hurt us. By the end of the season I think this will be our best lineup:

G - Moss (6’5)
G - Joe (6’5)
G - Jones (6’5)
F - Cyntal (6’7)
F- Chaney (6’8)

or maybe a “lineup of death” with everyone shooting 3’s (like what the Rockets are doing to the Warriors right now)

G- Sills
G - Joe
G - Moss
G- Jones
F - Cyntal

You guys seem to undervalue the PG position. You can’t stick any guard at that position. Especially someone like Joe next year. He may develop down the road but he was so far off from PG skills last year, I can’t see him improve enough in this off-season.

I think Desi has that potential. I am really eager to see how far he improves this off-season.

I love the nickname ‘Cyntal’ you came up with for Jeantal Cylla.

Yeah, I hope Desi works like crazy on his handle, works to improve his court vision (not sure how you do that), and his passing skills. I also hope Justice works like crazy on his 3 point shot and one of the 2 of them become our starting pg.

I’d also love to see Harris become a 30+% 3 point shooter, but I just think the odds of 12% to 30% improvement are really low.

can play some point guard and it is something that CEM is planning on doing.

He is very good with the dribble, just needs to add strength.

He’s a lot stronger than Joe

Strength training is an important part of any sport, even basketball. Look at the NFL, MLB or even golf. You better have your body strong and flexible if you are going to reach your potential. A guy like Isaiah Joe could benefit a great deal by working on his body and adding 20-25 pounds. If he is going to try to play NBA basketball, this should be a priority for him. I hope Coach Musselman is a believer in this. He seems to be a guy who leaves nothing to chance, so I bet he does make strength training an important part of his job.

It is not easy to keep your weight and strength up when you are playing and running every day, but you can certainly do it in the offseason.

It’s going to be different this year, because it really will matter a lot more who starts than it has during the MA era. EM seems to favor a shorter bench.

So once we get the roster finalized for next season, I will be trying to figure out who the top seven will be, and then who will be the third guy off the bench. I figure everybody else will only get minutes in garbage time, if somebody gets hurt, or if a core guy gets in foul trouble.

Now early in non-conference for his first year EM might give more guys minutes, but one we start SEC play I really expect seven-eight guys to get almost all the minutes.

Him and our families were all together this weekend. The team really likes Coach Musselman and there is a chance that he could be on the floor next season. He would really add alot to the team if he is cleared to play.

I sure hope so, and as long as we don’t have more players than schollies, we may as well ride this out and continue to pray for good news.

I hope Garland is able to play, but he won’t have been in a game in three years and I would expect there to be a lot of rust to knock off.