Special Teams

Do we have any idea how CSP will handle Special Teams? Will he have a dedicated coach?

He’s never had a staff of his own, so we don’t know. Georgia has a dedicated ST guy, doesn’t coach another position. Mizzou under Odom also had a dedicated STC. Based on those clues, we might also devote someone solely to special teams, but that remains to be seen in the next couple of weeks.

The problem with having a lot of specialist coaches is the players are not available to them that much. Kickoff and punting teams for instance are mostly tied up with the general squad during most practices. And you cannot have say the OL guys getting a lot of time to themsleves since they are needed for a full squad procedure. In my day, there was no time limits but now coachs have a limited time available to them at least during regular season.

This is true, but there’s also a risk in having someone coach ST in their spare time when they have enough to do with tight ends or linebackers or whatever. Lack of attention to detail, etc. I’ve seen it work both ways, and not work both ways.

With the DL and RB coaches apparently in place the last major decision that BOSS HOG has to make with on the field coaches is with Special Teams and this topic is now the most relevant topic left when it comes to on field coaches.

I agree that there are different successful approaches when it comes to handling Special Teams but I am partial to hiring a coach that has a proven track record handling Special Teams and then let him coach in other areas if needed as opposed to hiring a position coach and then assigning Special Teams Coordinator responsibilities to that coach.

I like the NFL version for handling Special Teams. In the NFL approach one guy lives and dies with how well the Special Teams performs with other members on the staff assisting in areas decided by the Special Teams Coordinator. It is a very important assignment and there are multiple secondary assignments within the Special Teams area.

When hiring a DC or and OC you look for someone with expertise and experience in those areas and the Special Teams in my mind is equally important.

Very important hire.

To me special teams are more important at Arkansas than at the Alabamas and Georgia’s of the world.

Let’s face it - we don’t have nor are we likely to ever have as much talent as the blue bloods. That said, it’s imperative we gain every advantage we possibly can and one way to do that is being very sound in special teams - a punt downed inside the ten here and a long punt return there can give us that advantage we need to stay in and then win our share of the close games.

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Its gonna be scott fountain- UGAs ST coach. #1 in nation this year and he is an excellent recruiter. Got UGA 2 wr’s from florida (4 stars). He is a good addition and desperately needed

Confirmed Fountain and RB coach Jimmy Smith.


Fantastic hire - so glad to see an emphasis and focus on special teams!!

We’ve been asking for a ST focus for years. Glad to see it finally happen

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The special teams were the one area that improved last year. DePrato helped. The rest of team was so poor no one noticed. I know Lunney was ST coordinator but DePrato provided great help. Now, ST was so bad the year before, hard not to improve.


Agree on special teams in 2019 - much better under De Prato and glad to see his hire at USF.

Super smart to put one guy in charge of coordinating Special Teams and super smart to get someone with SEC experience and a home run to get a guy who comes from an elite SEC school.

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Will Carter coach all d-backs are just corners? Is there a possibility for another defensive coach?

My guess is that BO coaches S’s

The former Georgia Bulldog & Missouri Tiger coaches hired had their perspective team’s Defensive & Special Teams ranked top 5 in those categories.

That is one heck of a combination and eludes to hiring strategy over past relationships. (He probably turned down some good friends)

Just a fantastic hire for the Special Teams Coach!!! This hire continues to speak volumes on just how respected CSP is around the country. I continue to get more and more excited about this staff he is assembling!!! We got some dudes that can flat out recruit man and that’s where it starts and then coach em up!

Odom coached safeties at Misery from 09-11 so he’s done it before. Since the on-field staff is apparently complete, it makes sense.

DC/S – Odom
OC/QB – Briles
OL – Davis
RB – Smith
WR – Stepp
TE – Cooper
DL – LeBlanc
LB – Rhoades
CB – Carter
ST – Fountain

S&C – Walker and Ellis (apparently Walker will be in charge)

Barry Odom is going to coach safeties. I’ve confirmed that.

NOW THAT looks like a very good coaching staff