Special teams roundtable

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That wraps up the series of roundtables previewing each position group. Thanks to Clay, Dudley, Tom, Matt and Bob for participating.

Arkansas needs a threat in the return game. It’s been awhile. Totally changes a game when you get a special teams score.

I feel hopeful about Cornelius as a punt returner. He just seems solid catching the ball and has the quickness to make the first guy miss and the maturity to get the most out of the return quickly. Kickoff returning requires someone strong enough to take the collisions without turning the ball over. Lightweight wide receivers like Stewart or Jones just seem too fragile and timid in the violent world of kickoff returning. Hammonds may be tough enough. Pettway might be big enough. If we weren’t so thin at running back, Whaley would be a good candidate.

Someone needs to hire Kansas State’s special team coach or an equivalent and let him take over. CBB’s special team committee of coaches has not worked well at all.

Believe Arkansas will have a special teams coach when the new assistant is added to the staff. Although he hasn’t said for certain, CBB has hinted at that.

I think there’s a good chance the special teams coach is already on staff in Tanner Burns, who is the ST quality control coach.

So in short we don’t have a proven place kicker, punter, or kickoff man.

Does not bode well given how important field position is and that SEC battles are often tight and can hinge on a FG.

Agree. I think Tanner will get a lot of consideration.

I see Tanner having the chance to be one of the bright up and comers.

Same could be said about Austin Allen last year. You just hope one of the upperclassmen has a breakout year or one of the young guys can blossom in the return game. I think there’s more possibilities on campus than in the past.

Great special teams starts with great linebacker depth. Those big and fast linebackers make the best blockers and tacklers on special teams. Our depth at that position was so bad, the other teams special team head hunters were just a lot better than ours usually. As our linebacker depth improves, it should help our returners get away and our coverage keep theirs from getting away as much. JMVVVVVHO