Special teams question

Bob Holt’s story this morning says Deon Stewart, Chevin Calloway and Jarrod Barnes have been getting most of the work as kickoff returners. He then implies, but doesn’t say, that Henre’ Toliver is the top punt returner at the moment with Cornelius out. Is that correct, that they have Toliver returning punts?

Yes, I noticed that as well - the word “punt” was obviously left or edited out of the sentence about Toliver and punt returns.

Stewart is No. 1 kickoff returner ahead of Barnes and Calloway. He is the No. 2 punt returner behind Toliver.

I noticed the word “punt” missing as well. I guess the editors are good at adding University of Arkansas, Fayetteville but not good at editing real content. It’s probably an Arkansas Demozette, Little Rock weakness.

Bielema made it seem like there’s a pretty decent chance Cornelius won’t return punts this year the other day.