Special day at Baum

Today will be the last time many of our hogs will play a game at Baum.
No matter what the outcome is today I’m proud they gave us some many good games and left it on the field. I wish all of these young men the best.

Well said Army. The kids that won’t be back will forever be in our hearts.

A good group of young men.

I can’t wait to get out there. These are the days we long for as sports fans.

Your very right Matt. I value the way they carry themselves as much as their record!
I do want to win but all of these young men are winners!

Appreciate this team. Been a fun team to watch and look forward to seeing more in Omaha. But at Baum, they have been extra special.

Yes this team is a special group, from freshmen to seniors.
For the Seniors & the Rest that go pro. Let’s farewell this season from Omaha!