Speaking of TattooU

The Suckeyes have a one point lead over Oral Roberts at the final TVTO, with the Eagles in possession out of the timeout. Max Abmas, the nation’s leading scorer (we held him to 11 at BWA in December thanks in part to foul trouble) is tearing the tattoos right off of them.


14.9 left, ORU down 1 with a free throw to tie, Suckeyes called time

Jeff, I can’t decide if I like tattoU or suckeyes better! :sunglasses:

Bonus basketball at Mackey Arena! Tattoo U missed a trey on their last possession.

It’s okay to like both :sunglasses:


I don’t know how this game will end. However, props to Lunardi who called this 15-2 upset.

ORU up 6 with 2:05 left. Abmas has 29 points, even though he missed a FT (ORU led the nation in free throw shooting this year at 82.4%).

C’mon ORU! Our non con don’t look so bad now.

Big 3 point play by bad guys

2 huge misses by an 85% FT shooter. That may do them in…

ORU did it!!!

WOW!! Road to the final 4 just got a little easier. Could not have happened to a better team.

I’ve always enjoyed Oral.

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Buh-bye, Suckeyes!!!

Pavlov, you’re bad

Giving or taking?

This might be our year! Once again, the Big 10 is overrated. Go Hogs! Sunday’s game just got even bigger!

Hee hee. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of jerks.

In my case, both :rofl:

I can’t keep up with the nicknames, undertones or direction of this thread.
I think Oral was great though.