Speaking of SEC reviews

Bret Bielema isn’t the only coach from Arkansas that sent video to the league office for review this week.

Colby Hale, head coach of the Razorbacks’ soccer team, also sent one in that cost Arkansas at least an overtime opportunity against Ole Miss last Sunday. The Razorbacks had two second-half goals disallowed for offsides penalties, but Hale said the first one should not have been called offsides. Of course Arkansas lost the game, so the best it can hope for is an apology and promise to better educate the officials on the field. Here is a link with video highlights from the game. The first offsides happens around the 57-second mark.


It should be noted that video replay in SEC soccer is real limited right now and that play was not reviewable.

The soccer team has had a couple of close losses. They barely missed winning in regulation before losing in OT at SMU early in the season. They scored a goal that left the foot with time on the clock, but crossed the goal line after the horn. That’s the rule in soccer. It’s not like basketball where the ball just has to have left the shooter’s hand. It has to fully cross the line before the horn – and it did not.

If you really want a head scratcher go back to last years Auburn LSU football game.
They refs reviewed a targeting call on an Auburn DB. After that hit Danny Etling went to the ground. With 2 officials near the play another DB flew in and hit Etling on the ground and Etlings helment came off of his head. The DB plants his face mask into Etlings face and bloody him up.
No call for this late hit and show the total disregard for player safety by the refs on the field , the officials doing the review and the SEC office because I called the SEC office.
You can throw all the politically correct talk in the gargbage can. The SEC is about money nothing else. Integrity of the game is lost in all sports.

Going back to our game against aTm, an aTm player was initially called & flagged for illegal procedure-hitting a defenseless Ar WR & targeting was tacked on due to the helmet to the head contact.
However the review official removed the targeting call & then the officials on the field also took away the penalty for the illegal procedure, which should have stuck. Even the announcer said the same.
Is this one of the plays sent to the league office for review along with the PI call on Curl?
I’m sure Sumlin sent in tape of the missed call on the TD by his QB as well.