Speaking of Razorback pitching…

In 21 SEC conference games, we have given up 64 runs. That comes out to an average of 3 runs a game! That’s really pretty impressive if you ask me. (Which no one did).
You should win a lot of games only giving up 3 runs a game, and we have.
An elite defense has to figure into the equation of keeping the opponent’s run average low.
Overall, I think our pitching has been pretty good.

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Our pitching and defensive have been outstanding. Most everyone of our losses this year have been because we did not hit the ball well enough.

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In those same 21 SEC conference games, the Hogs have scored 117 runs for an avg. of 5.57 runs a game.
Of our 7 conference losses, five includes losses of 5 or fewer runs scored. Two losses were when we scored more than 5 runs.

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