Speaking of radio coverage...

I attempted to listen to 92.1 after work today.
It was ridiculous.
Apparently the station had commercial blocks set automatically, as would be the case with regular programming. So right in the middle of an inning it would cut to a string of about ten commercials.

I was finally able to listen on the iPhone app.

But who is running the show at the station to allow that kind of garbage?

I agree, used to actually prefer the radio coverage with Chuck over TV, if the game was on TV. Now, I don’t know what’s happening. I actually went to CUSATV and purchased 24 hours to watch online today.

Scott, could you get clear reception on 92.1? (ignoring the poor ad placement)

I could not get anything without considerable fuzz.

I think there was some confusion on 92.1’s part today. The game was supposed to be on its AM affiliate so the baseball broadcast wouldn’t run into the basketball broadcast.

I listened from Bella Vista to Rogers. It was fuzzy in BV, but cleared up by Bentonville.
I then pulled it up on TuneIn at home.
But then gave up and listened on the iPhone Gameday app