Speaking of paranoia,

Gus Malzahn has recently said:

  1. NFL Officials are picking on Cam Newton.

  2. The SEC Network is trying to get coaches fired.

Has Gus always been so paranoid, or is this a recent thing?

I noticed during the middle of last season that the SEC Network did talk a lot about who was on the hot seat. I guess they know that’s what fans are talking about. I would not have guessed that would be the direction of the network, but I think it’s been fairly objective. Laura Rutledge is sure that way.

My dad was known to have a touch of paranoia at times. I loved what he said about it…

“It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you”.


Sometimes they are … out to get you. I don’t believe that to be case.

There are times it seems like it’s the Alabama Network. Auburn folks seem to believe that. Maybe they should be turned off by the Finebaum touch.

Cam Newton had his ring and other things kissed by the SEC and NCAA over and over so in his mind the slightest bit of non-kissing is pure outrage.

Sad as it is to say…

I looked so forward to the SEC network before it was launched. Today lots of shows are just unwatchable for me. It seems like they promote non conference schools and a couple of in conference ones at he expense of the rest of the conference. A couple of years ago I figured out how to change the channels or mute the sound to increase the joy in my life. I spend very little time on the sec network. I wish it was about sports, lots of shows are about commentators. the SEC Network just means less.

West, I think that the SEC network does some things right. It is great that they show Arkansas track meets and Friday Night Heights (gymnastics meets). They will show a ton of baseball during the conference season.

I don’t bother with the sports talk shows and especially NOT Finebaum.

I watch very little regular TV these days. Netflix is my regular destination. I much prefer the ability to cut out the commercials, as is done with Netflix. I found some recently released TV shows and am able to binge watch. I had heard about binge watching a few years back but didn’t really understand that but now I’m one of those types that favors just going on to the next episode. I watched NCIS all the way through. Others have been Blue Bloods, Hawaii 50, Longmire and now onto Sherlock Holmes.

I love the SEC Network because I love watching SEC Sports. Its easy to ignore Finebaum.

Back to the point of the post. I DO NOT think the Network is trying to get Gus or anyone else fired. Nor, do I think anyone is picking on Cam Newton.

Gus is as paranoid as he was the year he worked at UA.

I’m for anything that makes Gus more paranoid. Bring it on I say!

I think he has lots of reasons to be paranoid.

Consider the roach. It lives in terror of being
caught in the light.

I’m with you Clay. I watch very little TV other than college football, baseball and basketball. Netflix is our nightly destination. We binge watch Blue Bloods, Heartland and starting to get into Longmire. Netflix just dropped Blue Bloods and we have a season left to see Ugh!