Speaking of OM

Do they have a field goal kicker? They could have twelve points against Bamas 14 at this point (2nd qtr)

Bama is in Bamamode

Saban is getting sick of hearing that Lane is gonna be the first assistant to beat him

I like Kiffin but today he shows why Pittman was best hire for Arkansas. First rule is do not beat yourself. Going for it on fourth down has hurt his team in this game. Spent a lot of time and energy and likely will not get ball enough in second half to come back.

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You forget Pittman got stuffed last week that changed momentum on 4th down.

I thought going for it was a good call but thought KJ should have been the option rather than smaller back into middle of line. We were near their red zone. Kiffin also thought about it near his ten yard line in fourth quarter (he punted after timeout but Qb wanted to go for it) after going for it numerous times on his side of fifty in first half. I assume his metrics and believe that he would not score on Bama like last year was the reason. But he forfeited a lot of his options when he did that. Bama could run on his defense and his offense lost possessions to rally as time melted away. Pittman was not using metrics, he just felt he could put TAM away at that point before half. It did give TAM momentum to drive for three before half. But I suspect he felt his defense would hold.


Once. Not multiple times, on his own end of the field, clearly placing his team in a bad position

I do not like Kiffin. Never will. Especially after that weird exchange with the reporter pre-game where he ran off without answering her question and threw the headset. Total DBag.


Different circumstances

I’m glad OM showed us they aren’t among the SEC elite. I admit I was afraid they’d made a huge leap. The earth won easily this year albeit against lower level competition. They still pose a challenge for us, but one we can overcome if we eliminate mistakes. We have to flush this UGA game and refocus. OM has the same challenge. Just hope we’re the team that rises to win.

On a side note, I’m glad we don’t have wonder about OM getting to the SECCG this year

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I am sure I am incorrectly over analyzing Kiffin, and I will admit I really do not like him and think he and Ole Miss are perfect for each other, gold plated; shiny on the outside, common on the inside and changes colors when exposed to the elements. Anyway I think the going for it recklessly was a calculated gamble that Lane saw no downside. If if worked and they won, he would add to his media darling status, if it worked some and they lost, he was still a innovative guy who pulled out all the stops to win and if they failed, like they did, he is still the players coach who offensive guys will love because he does not take the ball away from the offense.


I think you are right…it was a calculated gamble to go on for it. Kiffin probably knew he could not win straight up, and rolled the dice.

As much as I detest Ole Miss, they looked pretty good with an improved defense. Matt Corral is really good. We will have to play very well next week in Oxford to win.

Watch Lanes post game presser where he addresses 4th downs specifically. The logic and the numbers back him up, but it’s hard for the average sports fan to follow because they don’t have access to or interest in the analytics involved.

Saban also addressed the 4th downs which he knew were coming. He had his players play down and distance as if it were 3rd and short vs 3rd and 7. Very smart.

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I am sure that analytics has plenty of merit, but it would seem field position and other factors can influence the attractiveness of following the numbers. Also, if one’s defense had shown little ability to stop the other team, giving a short field is doubly punitive.

We can expect Kiffin to do the same and go for it when the metrics say so next week. We have to get off the field on third down and we have to adjust to 11 am start on the road better than we did last week. Good thing is Bama beat their doors off so the early morning Grove crowd should be more subdued compared to Ga. crowd that had been encouraged to show up and be a factor in game which they were.

Will be interesting to see how the coordinators handle the game planning and game adjustments the next two weeks. How SP gets penalties and special teams sorted out will be equally good. Hogs got to get the mojo back and play swarming defense and open up some passing options to run the ball.

That’s included in the analytics.

Ole miss is the team I want to beat most. Their offense is better than ours, our defense is better than theirs. Know nothing about their special teams but ours ain’t special

100% on all points.

I am sure that others know more about this than me, but if the analytics were so good and the motivation for these decisions, then I would think there is something amiss. Kind of like the old joke with the guy who goes to see the Doctor, saying it hurts whenever he does something. The Doctor’s response is to stop doing that. If analytics say to take risks and risk field position and one keeps following analytics and having negative results, seems it may be more than analytics driving these decisions.

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There are analytics and then there are analytics when you are playing against Bama and GA defenses.

AND, they are very different.