Speaking of OC, good comments from Dan Enos

I have a lot of respect for the job Dan Enos did while at Arkansas. Each year we were among the best offensive football teams in the SEC. His side of the ball did a very good job, I thought.

Nick Saban of Alabama and Manny Diaz of Miami obviously thought a lot of him to hire him. So did Bret Bielema.

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Any chance he comes back to Arkansas?

Doubt it

I was reading online, Miami fans wished someone would take him. They are not happy.

The haven’t been happy in Miami for awhile. Don’t know what Enos makes at Miami or if there is any interest by Pittman. Money sometimes talks. Don’t know if Arkansas would pay more or if he is a definite no for Pittman.

My take away was two points:
Enos is good coordinator stated as such a year ago on move to Miami and history at U of A
Coaches know the schemes but as he says it takes players and coaching to win.

We face the same chance of a similar outcome in our new OC choice whoever that may be. I think it matters more what he has to work with and the really good ones figure out how to improvise and adjust to talent on hand, while others appear to be locked into one scheme (Morris appears to be in this camp) which was what Enos was addressing in Miami story. I am sure SP is rolling this around in his head -who can get our players to respond best to give us a chance to win.

I thought CDE did a pretty good job.

Miami needs a OC like Craddock for a year or two and they would be more happy to have Enos! I would like to see Enos back on the hill. I don’t know if Pittman and Enos got along.

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I’m here in Florida and…

Miami is L.O.A.D E.D. with talent and averaged just 6 more pts a game than Arkansas. If not for the 63pts against Bethune-Cookman being averaged in they would be Arkansas equal in the ACC with a better defense.

I’m no expert either, but was Enos responsible for who was taken at QB and who was not taken while he was at Arkansas?

In retrospect, not a lot of good choices there. And I remember when we took Du-wop late, Enos commented about not quite knowing what to do with a QB with that skill set.

Just food for thought.

Enos was a decent OC. I remember he always had a really good first 10 or so scripted plays then struggled to manage the flow of the game. He was part of all the blown 2nd half leads under CBB. Seemed the O was always better in the 1st half than 2nd. That said I don’t think he was a great in game adjustment OC.

He recruited a lot of sub standard quarterbacks at Arkansas. Who did he leave the Hogs? Recruiting is a major part of the job.

Don’t see it but Dan LOVED Arkansas. Don’t be shocked if he comes back when he retires.

Hey, he was a Razorback and did a “good” job. I’m sure he will be welcomed with open arms as a retired football coach.

I watched Dan at the Catfish Hole with recruits. He seemed very reserved compared to other coaches. No question he missed on several QB’s.

I thought he was a good OC however. He certainly married a lovely looking gal.

Lots of retired coaches love Arkansas and eventually return. Sometimes that’s at the urging of the wife. Larry Beightol is one who comes to mind.

It’s unconfirmed but I believe J.B. Grimes will return to the state after leaving Auburn. Of course he’s an Arkansas native - grew up in Clarendon. I think he’s got property in Hot Springs area.

Heard the same thing. Heard he might have a farm or something in Nashville.