Speaking of NIL

Which would suggest that there are NIL considerations involved.

KJ. No, jaylin. No, bumper. No wait, can I still get Kopps!! Maybe rocket. Man, I may need several lol



I may want to find out what numbers AB and Walsh will be wearing, I’m guessing AB will be 0 but that’s just a guess. He wore that at Duncanville and in McDAA, and it’s available.


Pick one? The BB team, no the FB team, man what about baseball??

You can get them all at the same time. If I was gonna get a jersey - and I don’t buy jerseys - I’d get a baseball 2 and have Van Horn stitched on it. Never mind that Battles has it this year.

Lots of great options for many sports that’s for dang sure! Burks for sure if he had 1 more year!

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